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Groups for final project

Please begin to familiarize yourself with your group participants. Meet as often as you can and go visit exhibitions this month, particularly since it is the Latino Heritage Month, on contemporary art. A great and fun place is Chinatown’s galleries on http://chungkingroad.wordpress.com/galleries/.

Group 1: Carissa Alvarado, Huga Canas-Rivas, Jeremy Christenson, Ricardo Fuentes, Roberto Gallegos

Group 2: Oscar Garcia, Vanessa Gomess, Lauren Jones, Susie Marquez, Jacqueline Meraz, 

Group 3: Yadsiry Montoya, Estefany Montoya, Mathhew Nava, Adrian Pacheco, Dillonger Pinkus

Group 4: David Rios, Maria Rodriguez, Daisy Rosas, Jennifer Serrato, Liliana Solorzano

Group 5: Mike Alcala, Angel Martinez, Alex Corona, Manuel Lopez, Danielle Romero

Group 6: Stacey Tinajero and Jannette Martinez and others that will be confirmed later.

Any questions, I have an email now at diazt@elac.edu.

thanks and have a great artful weekend!

3 comments on “Groups for final project

  1. StaceyTinajero
    September 17, 2012

    Ive been trying to contact you on the email on the syllabus and this new one but have been unsuccessful with both.

  2. StaceyTinajero
    September 17, 2012

    I also tried calling the phone number on the syllabus but it said it was some lady named Joanna saintbiahopsburger.

    • adventuresamadhi
      September 18, 2012

      Hi Stacey, I answered your email. If you need to call me, call my cell at 202-368-9793. The phone number on the syllabus is the office number and Mrs. Singh voice appears in the voicemail. She is the head of the Art History Department.

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